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Save money and choose peace of mind with the package “combo”. Just think of your vacation we’ll take care of the rest.

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When you book online you just have to choose the package “combo” and indicate the number of rooms on your home for all the service options “à la carte” (welcom, departure, cleaning and laundry and bedding) is automatically supported by your host..

Easy and without any worry

Prices :

  • Combo 1 bedroom : 170 $ plus tax
  • Combo 2 bedrooms : 215 $ plus tax
  • Combo 3 bedrooms : 258 $ plus tax
  • Combo 4 bedrooms : 299 $ plus tax
  • Combo 5 bedrooms ; 330 $ plus tax

Each combo includes washing bedsheets (1 set per bedroom)

A sofa bed in an office or a living counts as a bedroom

Each additional set or bedding will be charged 25$

Note :

Be as specific as possible about the arrival time of your tenants because an extra 5 $ charge applies every 30 minutes of a late arrival.

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Step 1 

Order your services and pay online


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Step 2 

Your host will call within 48 hours to schedule an appointment and arrange for house keys pick up

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Step 3 

Request your services

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Step 4 

House keys are returned and the host provides a rental report to the home owner

If you do not wish to manage the marketing on rental sites 9taking pictures, developing an account, creating a description), reservations, communications, payments, hospitality, departure and cleaning. . Take a look of our package “all inclusive”. It is for you.


Why choose the combo package?

A economic package that covers most services you will require. More convenient and cheaper than the “à la carte” package.

Who will clean the linen?

Louevac will pick up the linen and bedding and carry out to the laundry service. it will be returned two days later or before the arrival of the next tenants.

Can i cancel a single service combo?

Unfortunately no. You must cancel the order and replace it with an order “à la carte”.

How will i give you the keys of my home?

Once booked, your host will contact you to schedule the collection of keys at your convenience.

Why do i provide contact detail for my tenant?

Your host will be able to communicate with your potential tenant about any changes in arrival or departure hours.

What if my tenant loses the house keys?

We suggest that the Louevac hosts keep a copy of the keys so that they are able to make a copy in the an event like that. Charges will apply for replacement and delivery of new keys, which can be deducted from the deposit of he tenant.

What will happen if my tenant is late?

The host will wait for you tenant until their arrival. An additional 5 $ fee applies for each 30 minutes more. It is essential that your tenant let the hosts know if they will be late so they can re-schedule the key drop off accordingly.

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