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How much could you earn?

*The amount is an estimate based on average price and occupancy rate, it does not guarantee that the same amount will be earned

Property management can’t easier or safer than this.

Nothing to think about, nothing to do

Perfect for the management of a second property



We take care of your home like it’s our own

Is it too complex to manage? We are here to help:

  • Marketing
  • Reservation management
  • Tenants : home, keys, inventory, departure
  • Payment (tax)
  • Maintenance: housekeeping, laundry service


You con rent out your home and relax, we take care of everything

Our security measures include :

  • Rigorous selection criteria for tenants
  • security deposit
  • Home visits, whether your home is rented or not, once a week or more
  • We keep a set of keys for the duration of the contrat to ensure access to the unit if needed
  • Maintenance during your absence and minor repairs or maintenance


Meet with us in person to get to know our company and our services

Because you are unique a meeting will allow us to :

  • Understand your needs and determine the right rental rate for your property
  • Create a customer profile including your housing characteristics
  • Develop an explanatory booklet for tenants (house rules, specifics of your property)
  • Sign our paternship Welguest contract in due form
  • To get to know in detail the benefits of doing business with us

Know that at all times your advisor will be present: connect to Welguest by email, text message or phone.


It’s never been so easy to earn money while travelling

Your home can bring you much more than what you think. use our calculator for a quick evaluation

  • Registration fee of 49$ (deducted from the first rental) any other amount payable
  • your income is calculated on a percentage of your rental
  • A report of rental activities will be available on our online plaform
  • A bank transfer, a Paypal transfer will be deposited within a maximum of 7 working days after the day of your return
  • Piece of mind knowing you’ll find your home in perfect condition.
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Step 1 

Order your services 

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Step 2 

Call to make an appointments with your host within 48 hours and arrange a meeting to sign the service agreement

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Step 3 

Service is delivered

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Step 4 

House keys are returned and the host provides a rental report to the home owner

Our fee is a percentage of the amount of the rental of your home (minus tax)

No rental? No extra charge

Join free, we will contact you for a personal meeting.


Why should I use package "all inclusive" ?

Welguest inc. takes care of professionally renting your home to travellers while you are away. You will be able to obtain extra revenue from your home while you relax on vacation.

I'm a real estate investor, and I own one or several properties that can be rented year-round. Is that something Welguest can help with ?

Absolutely! we can help you maximize the return on your investment by managing short-term rentals to tourists, business travelers, etc. This maximizes profitability compared to hosting year-long tenants, and you con rent worry-free as we have strict security criteria’s. We also have lower commissions which means more money in your pocket.

Will my valuables be safe?

The safety of your home is our priority. We follow a rigorous selection criteria to find renters. In addition, we also offer safe storage services for your most precious valuables.

Is it complicated to use Welguest to rent my house?

Welguest makes your life easy from our first meeting until your return from your trip. We will walk you through all the steps of the process and it will be even easier on your next trip.

I will be gone for six months, can I trust Welguest with my home?

No matter how long you’re away, we take care of your home like it is our own.

I am tenant going on vacation, can I trust Welguest with my home?

You can definitely trust us with your home, however, if you are a tenant you need to obtain written authorization from the property owner to be able to use our services.

What should I do before trusting Welguest with my home?

<span style=”color: #000000;”>Welguest will walk you through every stage of the process and will provide you with advice and tips to make sure you have a positive experience.</span>

What happens I something breaks while I'm away?

<span style=”color: #000000;”>We will replace that object or we will try to compensate you for the loss. Each renter will be required to provide a deposit which will be used to cover possible damage to you home.</span>

When will I be paid?

You will receive your money upon return. Payments are made using Paypal, cheques or other method of your preference.

Can you provide information about the renters that stay at my house?

<span style=”color: #000000;”>We will let you know about all the renters by providing you with a detailed report upon your return.</span>

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