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If you are not there to take care of the logistics, our package “a la carte” allows you to choose according to your needs.

Check in : only 39 $ plus tax

Through our online platform, you can let us know about the arrival time of your tenants

We will be there to welcome them with our outstanding customer services skills. We give them the keys and the instructions of the home you previously communicated to us

Please be as specific as possible about the arrival time of your guest because there is a 5 $ charge after 30 minutes of waiting.

Between 8 pm et 8 am: night rate + 15 $ plus tax

Booking 72 h in advance.

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Check out: only 39 $ plus tax

Use our online platform to let know about your tenant’s departure time so we can pick up the keys on your behalf. We will also send you a status report on your apartment

If there is a problem such as breakage, damage, spots or other, you will be notified within 12 hours of departure. We will document the issue through photographs and an accurate description

So you can communicate quickly with your tenants to address the problem

Only between 8 am and 8 pm

Bookings 72 hours in advance.


Cleaning fee : From 60$ plus tax

If you have more than one set of guest arriving, Louevac can help you get the apartment ready between tenants. We can clean the kitchen and the bathroom. vacuum, clean every room, and change the linen and towels. You will not have bad reviews of your next tenants

Note: the service is coupled with the check out service and cannot be ordered alone

The cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum every room
  • Kitchen: washing all dishes, tidying-up, cleaning countertop and sink, moping floors and washing towels
  • Bedrooms: changing bedding and dusting as necessary
  • Bathrooms: scrubbing bathtud, shower, toilet, sink and countertop, sweeping and mopping floor and changing towels and hand towel
  • Autres pièces: rangement et lavage sol, dépoussiérage si nécessaire
  • Take out the garbage and putting in new garbage bags


  • 1 bedroom unit: 60 $ plus tax
  • 2 bedrooms unit: 80 $ plus tax
  • 3 bedrooms unit: 100 $ plus tax
  • 4 bedrooms unit: 120 $ plus tax
  • 5 bedrooms unit and more: 140 $ plus tax

Note: a sofa bed in an office or a livingroom shall be counted for 1 bedroom

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Clean bed sheets: from 39 $ plus tax

Don’t worry about washing sheets and towels after returning from your vacation.

If you receive more than one set of tenants during your absence, your bed sheet stock may not be enough, That’s why we offer you the opportunity to wash all bed sheets between guests.

Note: This service is coupled with the check out service and cannot be ordered alone

The service includes :

  • 2 pillowcases
  • 1 fitted sheets
  • 1 sheet above
  • 1 duvet cover
  • 2 towels

Prices :

  • 1 set : 39 $ plus tax
  • 2 sets : 70 $ plus taxe
  • 3 sets : 100 $ plus tax
  • 4 sets : 125 $ plus tax
  • 5 sets 150 $ plus tax

After 5 sets, each additional set is 25 $ plus tax. The sets will be reported to you 2 days after collection.

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Step 1 

Order your services and pay online. 

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Step 2 

Your host will call within 48 hours to schedule an appointment and arrange for house keys pick up.

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Step 3 

Request your services.

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Step 4 

House keys are returned and the host provides a rental report to the home owner.

You can save money by talking all of the services “à la carte”. See our combo package, it’s even more simple and totally carefree.


Why choose the package "à la carte"?

A customized package. You choose according to your need: check in, check out, cleaning or laundry. Housekeeping and laundry must be coupled with the check out service.

Is it complicated to order this package?

It,s very simple to order this package. You just have to follow the instructions by clicking on the link “order your services” and in less than 10 minutes your package will be ready. Have the dates and times of arrival and departure of your tenants on hand.

How will i give you the keys of my home?

Once booked, your host will contact you to schedule the collection of keys at your convenience.

If my tenants cancel their reservation, can i be refunded?

If your tenants cancel more than a month before arrival, we will refund your entire order. Under 30 days cancellations will incur an administration fee of 3 %. The online rental platforms gives you the opportunity to keep 50% or more of the booking amount if the cancellation is done at the last minute.

Why do i provide contact detail for my tenant?

Your host will be able to communicate with your potential tenant about any changes in arrival or departure hours.

What if my tenant loses the house keys?

We suggest that the Welguest hosts keep a copy of the keys so that they are able to make a copy in the an event like that. Charges will apply for replacement and delivery of new keys, which can be deducted from the deposit of he tenant.

What will happen if my tenant is late?

The host will wait for you tenant until their arrival. An additional 5 $ fee applies for each 30 minutes more. It is essential that your tenant let the hosts know if they will be late so they can re-schedule the key drop off accordingly.

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